Nougat is a perfectly sweet and extremely delicious confectionary that makes for a wonderful treat. Often looked over in favour of more traditional desserts like chocolate or cake, nougat is a treat that complements a number of different events or situations. Read on to discover 5 perfect occasions to enjoy nougat.

1.     Morning or afternoon tea

5 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Nougat

Make your morning or afternoon break even more delightful with a slice of chewy nougat. Nougat makes the perfect treat to pair with your tea or coffee. If you prefer to take your morning or afternoon tea up a notch, nougat makes the perfect addition to a cake stand at a high tea.

2.     Weekend picnics

5 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Nougat

There isn’t much better than heading outdoors and enjoying a meal out in the sun with your loved ones amongst some beautiful scenery. Nougat is a great option to add to your picnic basket and is sure to be enjoyed by all of your picnic goers.

3.     Grazing tables

5 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Nougat

A grazing table, or a party platter, is a great addition to any event, from a baby shower to a birthday party. Nougat will make the perfect bite-sized addition to any grazing table. It’ll be a snack lover’s dream, guaranteed.

4.     Christmas nougat

5 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Nougat

Although we believe that nougat is the perfect treat year-round, there is something extra special about Christmas nougat. Not only is it perfect to share with friends and family during the holidays, but it makes a yummy gift or option to bring to a Christmas party.

5.     Everyday!

5 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Nougat

Do you really need an excuse to enjoy nougat? Just treat yourself, whether it be after a long week, after achieving a new goal, or simply just because you feel like it. Life is too short to deny yourself a delicious treat, and nougat is the perfect choice.

So, there you have it! 5 occasions that are perfect for enjoying nougat, although, like we said, do you really need an excuse? With so many different flavours to enjoy, we’re sure you’ll never run out of occasions to treat yourself to a slice of nougat.

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