Vintage 2021… Wow a ‘normal’ year NO but an abnormal year also NO.  One big downpour in Mid January is always good as our vineyard is dry grown. The rain freshens everything up and carries the vines through the ripening process. Three big downpours -JAN – FEB – MARCH gives us a little more to worry about! However after many a walk up and down the vines, vintage 2021 all still looking good.

After patiently waiting, with picking team on standby, the Chardonnay reached it’s optimum ripeness and was picked on the evening of Tuesday 16th February. With the assistance of Michelle and Taryn from our cellar door team, the grapes were processed through the press and are now through ferment and in new French oak, Marsannay from Burgundy. The characters that are sure to be imparted from this high quality oak combined with our 30 year old vines, will be available in the next coming years!

Sauvignon Blanc was ready next and was picked on the Tuesday 2nd March with a higher than expected yield. Having excess fruit has allowed us the opportunity to try something new, as we always like to do, never sitting idle. Fume Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc with an old-world twist, barrel fermented and aged. Smoky and crispy. Hmmm could become our new favourite, only time will tell and in another years time we will be able to reveal more. Don’t despair  our ever popular crispy and fruity Sauvignon Blanc is on it’s way and will be ready for bottling mid-year. 

The reds are firm & slowly ripening & with some sunshine due this week we should see our first lot of reds picked by the end of the week. Our long Indian Summers all boding well for vintage 2021.

January saw the bottling of our 2020 Chardonnay & 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc, sitting patiently now for release in a couple of years time.

What does one do with a Merlot so sublime –  Release or Hold? The tannings are silky/velvety, the fruit follows in leaps & boungs with red berries, mulberries and hints of mint. Members come first with a special pre-release offer;

During the month of March order a Case of  Merlot 2018 and use coupon code MERLOT2020 and we’ll exchange 6 of the 2018 for 6 of the new releases 2020. 

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